The Undergraduate Program

Year One
First Semester Second Semester
THE101– God and His Perfections (I-I, QQ 1-43) THE102 – Creation (I-I, QQ 44-119)
PHI101– Logic PHI102 – Cosmology
APO101 – Religion and Revelation  APO102 – The Divinity of Christianity
ENG101- English Grammar ENG102 - Rhetoric
LIT101– Philosophy of Literature SCR102 - Introduction to Sacred Scripture
LAT101 - Latin I LAT102 - Latin II
HIS101 – Ancient History HIS102– The Ancient Church
Year Two
First Semester Second Semester
THE201– Man (I-II, QQ 1-114) THE202– The Theological Virtues (II-II, QQ 1-46)
PHI201– Psychology PHI202– Criteriology
APO201– The True Church APO202- The Prerogatives of the Church
LIT201– Classical Literature LIT202 – Medieval Literature
MAT201– Euclidian Geometry MAT202– Algebra
SCR201– The Old Testament SCR202 – The New Testament
HIS201– Europe and the Faith HIS202– The Middle Ages
Year Three
First Semester Second Semester
THE301– The Moral Virtues (II-II, QQ 47-189) THE302 – The Incarnation (III, QQ 1-59)
PHI301– Metaphysics PHI302 – Natural Theology
APO301– Accusations Against the Church APO302–The Church and Civilization
LIT301– Shakespeare's Histories LIT302– Shakespeare's Tragedies
MAT301– Symbolic Logic MAT302– Calculus
MUS301– Music History MUS302– Music Theory
HIS301– Beginnings of the Modern Period HIS302– The Protestant Revolt
Year Four
First Semester Second Semester
THE401– The Sacraments (III, QQ 60-90, S, QQ 1-68) THE402– The Last Things (S, QQ 69-99)
PHI401– Ethics PHI402– History of Philosophy
APO401– History of Heresies APO402– Modernism
LIT401 – Catholic Literary Revival I LIT402 – Catholic Literary Revival II
PAT401 – Ante-Nicene Fathers PAT402– Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers
MUS401 – Gregorian Chant MUS402- Sacred Music of the Catholic Church
HIS401 – The 17th and 18th Centuries HIS402– The 19th and 20th Centuries